LA Kings fans honor Giguere, Pronger in bathroom urinals

Putting a lid on our week of arena men's room coverage, we received the image above from Puck Daddy reader Brosecki, who attended the Anaheim Ducks/Los Angeles Kings game at Staples Center last night. From his e-mail, details about some more "high-brow bathroom humor":

"If imitation is in fact the highest form of flattery, then the guy who inspired 'How hockey literally goes into the toilet in Washington' and 'When it comes to urinal photos, Danny Briere takes the cake' is blushing.

"Upon entering the men's room between periods last night at the Kings-Ducks game (to the ad wizards: 'Freeway Face off') in the Staples Center, I noticed several urinals were open, yet one in particular had a sizeable line. Having to vacate the bladder posthaste, I didn't question it and made a beeline to an unoccupied basin.  I couldn't make it out clearly until mid-stream, but I was pissing on J.S. Giguere. Turns out the long line was for the one that hosted Pronger."

The aforementioned Chris Pronger card in the urinal can be seen here. The gum is a nice touch.

While the anonymous fan who game the world "Danny Peeiere" and the Crosby "I'm Thirsty" urinal photos is certainly an innovator, Puck Daddy reader Brian S. pointed out in the comments of our initial story that these soggy insults of Anaheim players are somewhat of a tradition in Los Angeles (unless, by chance, it's the same guy):

"I think someone did this at Staples earlier this season with some cards of Ducks players, because I remember some Anaheim announcer (Severyn) babbling about it later on. At least they had a good sense of humor about it on-air."

Nonetheless, thanks to Brosecki for the photos, which have allowed us to better get a handle on the issue and streamline our coverage. Even if it is still a bit of yellow journalism on our part ...

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