Puck Daddy Photo Expedition: 2009 All-Star Game, Day 1

This San Jose Sharks sweater is one in a series of NHL jerseys that have been frozen in blocks of ice and placed on a street leading to Bell Centre, in celebration of NHL All-Star Game Weekend. As far as cool stuff I've seen so far in Montreal, it's really going to be tough to top this. Not even Ovechkin tickling Malkin's palm comes close.

I tried to lick the Devils' jersey because someone double-dog dared me. It didn't end well.

This isn't an image from that ice block display. This is actually how the Dallas Stars are preserving Sergei Zubov in case they make the Western Conference playoffs.

This is a gigantic Sidney Crosby banner hanging on the side of the Bell Centre, promoting a player who, at best, will wave to the crowd before retiring to the players' longue this weekend. If you're wondering why the NHL wants to start handing out suspensions for star players who skip the all-star game ... well, the price of giant sponsorship banners for players who aren't in the all-star game isn't getting any cheaper.

For some reason, there's a poster of Boris Valabik crying in the fetal position right next to Sidney's ...

Ryan Getzlaf of the Anaheim Ducks is interviewed by E! Entertainment Television, and Puck Daddy's credibility SKYROCKETS!


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We didn't get close enough to hear his thoughts on what Brad and Angelina will wear to the Oscars or Britney's comeback. And no truth to the rumor that this is actually a segment for the E! True Hollywood Story about the disappearance of Samuel Pahlsson this season ...

Finally, professional leagues always give out free swag to the media at events like this, usually in the form of some sort of sponsorship gift bag or a commemorative shirt or some such.

Well, the NHL must have noticed that Montreal is currently colder than Ricardo Montalbán on the surface of Pluto, because they've given the media pairs of mittens and a fur-lined, Fudd-like hat.

I'm not usually easily swayed by such bribery, but ...

... did I mention the lockout was a great idea, the NHL never fudges attendance figures and I absolutely adore the shootout as of this afternoon?

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