Video: Chris Pronger's debatable last-second hit on Parise

Chris Pronger of the Anaheim Ducks has eight suspensions (and as far as we know, zero NHL-mandated anger management therapy sessions) to his credit. Last night against the New Jersey Devils, Pronger once again had a questionable hit, this time on Zach Parise at the end of the game:

Yep, nothing like losing a game on the road, getting kabonged in the final millisecond and then trying to shake away the cobwebs as the home team skates around you to celebrate ...

The HF Boards and the Devils' fan board are having their say on this, with some naturally calling for the Ducks' D-man to be suspended. We're not exactly the Chris Pronger booster club 'round these parts, but this looked as close to incidental contact as a Pronger elbow can get.

Even if the hit was borderline, the fact that nothing was called and that Parise bounced back up basically clinches the fact that no additional discipline will be handed out by the League to this repeat (times eight) offender.

Besides, the Ducks' disputed third goal completely stole the controversial spotlight after last night's game anyway. Take a gander; if the call isn't "goal" on the ice, there's no way replay confirms it.

Thanks to Puck Daddy reader Joe for the tip.

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