Video: Tomas Kopecky and that other glass-shattering hit

Milan Lucic of the Boston Bruins had one of the best glass-shattering highlights in recent memory last week, putting Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Mike Van Ryn through the pane and giving the front row a shard shower.

But there was another through-the-glass hit recently, and some video finally surfaced depicting it. Tomas Kopecky of the Detroit Red Wings checked Los Angeles Kings defenseman Denis Gauthier, and then awkwardly shattered the glass at Staples Center in Monday night's shootout win for the Wings. (Do not adjust your volume, for there is no sound).

While Lucic's hit completely shattered the glass, this one broke it into large chunks, likely because it was the pane that has the hole for photographers. As the commentator on KSBI-TV mentioned, Kopecky's visor may have saved him from a rather ghastly injury, as the glass snapped back and hit him in the face. The helmet does look like it absorbs most of the ricochet, but it was close.

Perhaps this hit went unnoticed because Gauthier's awful turnover to Valtteri Filppula allowed the Wings to tie the game late.

Or perhaps that Milan Lucic hit was just do damn explosive that this was the "Deep Impact" to its "Armageddon."

Speaking of Lucic, Joe Pelletier has started the campaign to get one of our favorite players on Team Canada for the 2010 Olympics. "Perhaps a line with Mike Richards and Brendan Morrow could create energy and havoc," he writes. It always sort of depresses us when Canadians start making Olympic lineup predictions, because it's a reminder that the Team USA fourth line will be, like, Matt Cullen-Jeff Halpern-Lee Stempniak. Sigh. Get healthy fast, DiPietro.

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