Rey Maualuga Issues Apology to Erin Andrews

The Trojans' Rey Maualuga played his last game in a USC uniform at the Rose Bowl, but something he did on his way off the field is what's getting all of the attention.

Maualuga spotted sports journalist (and internet sensation) Erin Andrews as he was heading towards the tunnel, and decided to make what some view as an inappropriate gesture behind her back. It went something like this.

That clip you just saw drew over two million hits on YouTube, and one of those watching was none too pleased. That would be Donna Lopiano, former CEO of the Women's Sports Foundation, who issued this condemnation of Maualuga's actions.

"[Maualuga is] my first-round pick for 'offensive' player of the year" and his dance behind Andrews "another example of a narcissistic, high-profile athlete believing that any behavior, no matter how inappropriate, is acceptable because of his status."

Very quickly, the university weighed in on the matter.

USC, after being asked for a comment Monday, responded with a statement Tuesday saying that "the situation was addressed immediately." The statement added that Maualuga "both emailed and spoke to Erin and apologized to her. He realized he made a mistake and used poor judgement. He deeply regrets his actions."

This wasn't a huge deal, but the amount of attention the video clip received warranted some predictable actions: a women's group expressing disappointment, followed by an apology from the athlete for his behavior. That, as they say, should be that -- It seems like this story has now (thankfully) run its course.

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