Sasha Vujacic Will Stop at Nothing to Get Kobe's $20

Great little story from after the Lakers' practice yesterday involving Sasha Vujacic's will, Kobe Bryant's $20, and a whole lot of 50-foot hook shots. It went a little something like this.

Kobe was hanging around after yesterday's practice, icing his knee and chatting with reporters, while Sasha (as he often does) was putting in some extra work. As Sasha was finishing up, while heading for the door he tossed a hook shot at the rim and said, "take that, Kob." The shot missed (as 50-footers often do), but Kobe, likely knowing just how competitive Sasha can get, threw down a challenge.

"I'll give you $20 bucks if you make that,'' Kobe yelled out to Sasha. "I got $20 bucks in my sock right now.''

"Twenty bucks?'' Sasha said. "No problem."

It was on like Donkey Kong. While Kobe leaned against the wall trash talking, Sasha attempted over and over agin to hit the ridiculously challenging shot. This went on for a good fifteen minutes or more, before Sasha finally drained one to the delight of all in attendance. And lucky for you, Mirjam Swanson of The Press Enterprisewas there filming the whole thing.

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