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Sibling Rivalry at its Finest: Seager Brothers Homer in First Game Against Each Other

Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop, Corey Seager, and Seattle Mariners third baseman, Kyle Seager, squared off against each other for the first time in their MLB careers.

Los Angeles Dodgers

It took over ten years, but the Seager brothers finally faced each other for the first time in an MLB game.

The baseball world had been chomping at the bit for this sibling rivalry since younger brother, Corey Seager, took home the National League Rookie of the Year Award in 2016.

Needless to say, they did not disappoint.

Corey, 26, and Kyle, 32, became the first brothers on opposing teams to homer in the same game since Felipe and Cesar Crespo did it for the Giants and Padres on June 7, 2001.

Little brother Corey hit a three-run blast in the bottom of the second inning, and older brother Kyle refused to let his younger brother one-up him, with a solo shot to start the top of the third.

"This is a really cool day for me," acknowledged Kyle before the game. "Getting to play against Corey out here in LA, and especially here at Dodger Stadium. It's something Corey and I have talked about for a long time. I'm definitely really excited about it."

Despite their successful playing careers, the two brothers did their fair share of bickering and bantering--as brothers often do--before the game.

"Avocado," said Kyle into a microphone before their dual press conference began.

"A for avocado," responded Corey after the first question was asked.

"I said avocado first!" yelled Kyle.

"That didn't count. We weren't recording," said Corey smirking. "Thank you Justin for my 20 bucks."

Middle brother Justin was a minor-league play in the Mariners farm system for many years, and clearly bet his brothers twenty dollars on who would say the word "avocado" first during their joint press conference on Monday.

"Kyle was a very good antagonizer," recalled Corey about growing up with Kyle in North Carolina. "He was very good at knowing what buttons to push."

Apparently, the good-natured ribbing and competition continues into the offseason where the two brothers train, work out, and place wagers on what they statistics during the MLB regular season.

"There's always a little bit of rivalry," said Corey. "We have a home run bet and a doubles bet. He pretty much wins homers every year and I pretty much win doubles every year."

"He's also beaten me pretty badly in the postseason numbers," joked Kyle.

The two brothers were originally scheduled to face off during the 2018 season, when the interleague schedule saw the Dodgers travel to Seattle, but Corey missed most of the year with elbow and hip surgeries.

"It's probably my fault it hasn't happened sooner," admitted Corey.

Now that it has, we want to see more of it. Both brothers combined to go 5-for-8 with two home runs, five hits, five RBI, and four runs scored.

"We're as competitive as you want to be, but we're still rooting for each other," said Kyle.

"I hope he goes out and he has four hits tonight, and we still win," said Corey, nearly predicting the future at the time. The Dodgers would go on to win the game, 11-9.

"I said four hits, and he only had three though," joked Corey. "We still got the win though, so I'll take it."

The Seager brothers shared a moment in the bottom of the seventh inning when Corey was at third base next to his brother Kyle during a mound visit.

"We were just chit-chatting, kind of giving each other a hard time and joking around," said Corey. ""For sure it was a lot of fun. It was a special moment. I can go home and think about it, and soak it all in."

Corey was asked after the game who won the wager on Monday's contest:

"I'm gonna go with a push," he said smiling.

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