SoFi Stadium

SoFi Stadium: Largest Video Board in Sports Is Complete

SoFi Stadium, home to the LA Rams and Chargers, installed a 2.2 million pound LED video board.

SoFi Stadium

Get ready for a lit experience at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.

The largest video board ever created in sports has just been installed, the National Football League announced Wednesday.

SoFi Stadium's official Twitter account posted a video giving a sneak peak of the massive scoreboard.

"The Samsung LED technology represented in the video board at SoFi Stadium is unlike anything fans have ever experienced," said Jason Gannon, managing director, SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park.

About the SoFi Stadium Video Board

  • 2.2. million pounds and 70,000 square feet of digital LED
  • 70,000 Square-Foot, 4K LED video board
  • Its design and structure is the first-of-its-kind, making it the only dual-sided, center-hung video board.
  • It is the only 4k end-to-end video board in sports and has the largest graphics control system in the history of sports.
  • Its largest panel is about 40 feet or four stories tall; its smallest panel is almost 20 feet or two stories tall
  • It is 120 yards long or 1.2 times longer and 1.5 times wider than the field
  • Its oval display features approximately 80 million pixels.
  • The pixels are spaced 8 millimeters from center-to-center and can be uniquely or congruently programmed with statistics, live and/or animated content
  • The video board sits 122 feet above the playing field and 70 feet below the roof canopy

Audio Capabilities:

  • The video board has more than 260 speakers embedded into its structure, and the wattage power equivalence of 1,500 home theater systems
  • The video board has more than seven miles of loudspeaker cable wound throughout

Making of SoFi Stadium's Video Board:

  • Designer - HKSLED
  • Technology Provider - Samsung
  • Audio Provider - HARMAN brands
  • Audio System Designer - WJHW (Wrightson, Johnson, Haddon, and Williams, Inc.)
  • Audio System Contractor - Pro Media Audio and Video
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