Super Bowl 55: All the Last-Minute Prop Bets For Sunday's Showdown Between the Chiefs and Bucs

All of the Super Bowl 55 prop bets.

Super Bowl LV - Preview
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Super Bowl LV between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers is expected to be the most bet on sporting event by gamblers in history. Most bettors will likely place their bets on one of the two teams to win the game outright (which is called betting the money line), others will bet with the point spread.

Currently, the Chiefs are 3.5 point favorites to defeat Tom Brady and the Buccaneers. Other gamblers may choose to place a wager on the total points scored, often referred to as the "over/under." Currently, that betting line is 56.5 total points scored.

Now here comes the fun part:

There are hundreds of prop bets that gamblers can place on the big game on sites like Bovada, BetMGM, or betonline.ag.

The top three prop bets that are currently receiving the most action (according to Bovada) are as follows:

1. Who will be the Super Bowl MVP?
2. Will the opening coin toss be heads or tails?
3. How long will the duration of the national anthem be?

According to Bovada, this is the first time in many years that the coin toss was not the most bet upon prop bet on the board. However, with less than 24 hours before the game begins and the national anthem is sung, more bettors could place wagers on the coin toss.

With that said, there are literally hundreds of prop bets on the board that gamblers can place wagers on. Those range from game-related bets like which team will score the first touchdown, to more outrageous bets like will musician The Weeknd have bandages on his face when he performs the Super Bowl halftime show?


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Without further ado, here are a ton of prop bets currently on the board on the three aforementioned betting sites:

Will either team score a touchdown on their opening drive?

The length of the first successful field goal?

The length of the first touchdown scored?

What the lowest scoring quarter will be?

The number of players who will score points in the game?

Who will score the first touchdown?

Who will score the last touchdown?

Combined yardage in the game?

Will any player score three touchdowns or more?

Which half will have the most points?

Which quarter will have the most points?

Total touchdowns for the game?

The jersey number of the player who scores the first touchdown?

Which team will score the longest touchdown?

Which team will score a defensive or special teams touchdown?

Will there be a two-point conversion?

Will there be a safety?

Which team will call the first timeout?

Will the Honey Badger (Tyrone Mathieu) have more than five tackles?

Then there's more fun prop bets:

The length of the national anthem(2:03)?

Who will sing the last note of the national anthem?

Will The Weeknd have bandages on his face during the halftime show?

Will Tyreek Hill have more than 100 yards receiving ?

Will Travis Kelce have more touchdowns or will Cristiano Ronaldo have more goals for Juventus against Roma?

Will Patrick Mahomes have more passing attempts than LeBron James has combined points, rebounds, and assists against the Pistons on Saturday night?

Will the Chiefs trail by two scores at any point in the game?

Will the Chiefs lead by more than two scores at any point in the game?

Will Tom Brady have more than one rushing yard?

What color will the Gatorade bath that is poured on the winning coach be?

What will the first commercial be?

Will they show the Andy Reid video of him doing the punt, pass, and kick competition as a 13-year-old from 1971 during the game?

How many commercials will feature a dog (4.5)?

Will there be a Star Wars commercial?

Which coach will take their mask off first?

What color will Patrick Mahomes headband be?

Will they show Roger Goodell during the broadcast?

What color jacket will The Weeknd wear during his halftime performance?

Will The Weekend where gloves during his performance?

What will be the first song of The Weeknd's halftime performance be?

Will Tony Romo correctly predict an offensive play on the broadcast?

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