Talking Heads Already Calling For UCLA's Fall

After Virginia Commonwealth went out and pummeled George Mason on national television last week, it was a sure bet they were going to get fitted early for the Cinderella Slipper at the NCAA Tournament. Didn’t really matter who they ended up playing.

Enter UCLA.

Adding insult to injury, of all 65 NCAA teams named Sunday, UCLA was singled out as CBS college basketball analyst Seth Davis' first-round upset special.

"I pick VCU to beat UCLA in the upset," Davis said, not once but three times.

"Good for Seth," (UCLA Coach Ben) Howland said. "We're the underdog. It's different for us."

The Bruins are not the underdogs, they are seven point favorites. But two years ago, VCU knocked Duke out in the first round. A powerhouse national program in a bit of a down year.

Does that sound familiar?

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