Ron Artest, the Morning After

Ron Artest loves the sweet smell of success, so he went out in his shorts, socks and warm-ups after winning Game 7

Ron Artest has come to save us from the same old post-game interviews about "giving 100 percent," "never giving up" and "giving 110 percent."

And, fortunately, Artest's definition of post-game seems to extend well into the day after the game.

Still in his shorts, socks and warmups (he says his No. 37 jersey ended up in the hands of a celebrity), the star of Game 7 was still enthusiastic Friday morning as he left a radio interview in Burbank. He had a lot to say about his big night, his big night out, and that psychiatrist he mentioned.

"I still have my uniform on," Artest said. "I saw Chris Brown, so he took my jersey. I still have my shorts and my sweaty Spandex on and my socks. I have to take a shower. I changed my shoes, but not my socks. I went to the club. What better outfit can I put on?

"You want me to put on Louis Vuitton, Gucci? Is that really better than this Lakers outfit, right now? I don't think so."

Watch more of the interview above.

Artest scored 20 points, his high for the series, in the Lakers' 83-79 win over Boston. He hit a key three-pointer late in the game and contributed several hustle plays -- the kind Lakers fans expect from Artest -- to help give the Lakers their 16th NBA title

He may not have been series MVP, but Artest should receive some type of award for sparing us the same predictable post-game interview we're used to hearing. He covered a lot of ground during his on-court exchange with ABC's Doris Burke.

"She's a great lady, and I wish I would have listened to her question," Artest said of Burke. "But she let me enjoy that moment and it was just as natural as I could be."

The toast of LA also talked about his therapist, the one he mentioned in his interview with Burke.

"Usually when I talk to her, she just brings out the best," Artest said. 

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