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Dodgers Opening Day 2018: All the Speciality and Theme Nights for the Upcoming Season

The list of speciality and theme nights throughout the 2018 Los Angeles Dodgers season.

Happy Opening Day 2018!

The Dodgers will host different specialty ticket package games during the upcoming season, with each ticket coming with a specialty giveaway item.

Among the themes this year are Hello Kitty Night, Girl Scouts Day, Dia De Los Dodgers, Pups at the Park, Star Wars Night, and LGBT Night.

Local Southern California sports teams will have their own night as well as the Dodgers will host LA Kings Night, Clippers Night, Lakers Night, USC, UCLA, Cal Poly Pomona and Cal State Northridge Night. 

As usual, the Dodgers will have Teacher Appreciation Night, Firefighter Appreciation night, Military Appreciation Night, Union Night and Law Enforcement Appreciation Night.

Rounding out the specialty nights will be Mexican Heritage Night, Filipino Night, Japan Night, African American Heritage Night, Jewish Heritage Night, Cuban Heritage Night and Polynesian Night.

The full schedule with many pictures of the giveaway items is below:

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