Interactive: Medal Records Were Broken at the Tokyo Games. Where Does Team USA Stand Now on the Global Scale?

Nearly a third of summer Olympic medal records are held by Americans. See how we stack up to the competition in each sport.

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This year’s Olympics tipped the record scales for athletes worldwide.

When Simone Biles scored her seventh Olympic medal on day 11 of the Tokyo Games, she officially became tied with Shannon Miller for the most Olympic medals won in gymnastics by an American. 

Including all medals from World Championship events, Biles is considered to be the most decorated gymnast along with Larisa Latynina of the former Soviet Union who currently holds the global Olympic record with 18 medals.

In synchronized swimming, Svetlana Romashina of the ROC also took home her sixth and seventh medal breaking the previous global record of five in the sport, while sprinter Allyson Felix got her 10th and 11th medals in track and field. This made Felix the American record holder in track and field – just down by one from the global record of 12 medals.

But these women weren’t the only Olympians to break medal records during Tokyo. Here’s where the top Team USA athletes fall in comparison to the world in medals held by sport.

Nearly a Third of Summer Olympic Medal Records are Held By Americans

Which athletes hold the record for most medals in each Olympic sport at the summer games? Of the 34 sports that have been held at least twice at the Olympics, Americans either hold or share the record in 11 of them.

Athletes with the Most Summer Olympic Medals by Sport

Note: The number of events per sport and rules have drastically changed over time which can impact how many medals can be won during an Olympics event. When tied, we weigh the record by most gold medals, then silver, then bronze.
Source: International Society of Olympic Historians; Olympedia; International Olympic Committee
Credit: Andrew Williams/NBC

America has no medalists in badminton, handball and table tennis and doesn't have any athletes who have multiple medals in baseball or field hockey. Medalists in new events introduced this year are not yet included in the chart.

Additionally, there are noteworthy medalists that don’t appear in the data. These medalists don't currently have the record for most medals, but they still have far more gold medals than the person who does.

Carl Lewis, the previous American record holder in track and field, has 10 medals and nine of them are gold. 

Kaori Icho and Mijain Lopez each have four gold medals in wrestling compared to Wilfried Dietrich’s single gold medal. Lopez just earned his fourth medal during the Tokyo Games. Likewise, Diver Wu Minxia has seven medals with five of them gold compared to Dmitri Sautin’s two.

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