USC Fans Should Sympathize With Texas

USC fans will be more than happy to talk your ear off about how the BCS system and its computer geeks have kept the Trojans from winning something like 10 consecutive national titles. Including this year. And, let’s be honest, a couple of years their argument had merit (this is not one of them, by the way).

But every year somebody gets screwed in the BCS system, this year apparently it is Texas’ turn.

Texas beat Oklahoma 45-35 earlier this season, but when the BCS ratings came out today Oklahoma was ranked second, Texas third in the standings. Despite identical records and Oklahoma’s only loss coming to Texas. If things hold form this weekend – meaning that Oklahoma can beat a Missouri team that lost to Kansas last weekend – then Oklahoma gets to play Alabama for the big crystal football.

Remember when the BCS was going to solve this problem and give us a real champion? The issue is not new, back in 1993 Florida State won the National Title with Notre Dame is second, even through the Seminoles’ only loss came to the Irish. And there are other examples, more than you have Thanksgiving leftovers, but the BCS was supposed to help with that issue, not just create it in a new path to the same problem.

So Trojan fans, by your Longhorn brethren an extra beer to cry into. They deserve it, and you’ve been there, you know how it feels.

Now, if there were a “plus one” format nobody would be complaining much this year. Oklahoma and Texas would get to find out on the field if they could match up to Alabama.

Well, I guess fifth-ranked USC fans would be complaining.

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