Who Shot Dodgers Pitcher Vicente Padilla?

We're getting mixed signals about how a Dodgers pitcher caught a bullet.

Vicente Padilla is recovering after being shot in the right leg, but the identity of the gunman (possibly Padilla himself) is still a mystery.

According to his agent, Adam Katz, Padilla accidently shot himself in the leg during some sort of "hunting accident."

But wait, says the Associated Press:

Police spokesman Vilma Reyes said Wednesday that Padilla's pistol apparently jammed during a target shooting session late Tuesday.

Padilla handed the pistol to a shooting instructor, a former police captain, who didn't realize there was a bullet in the chamber and shot himself in his hand, Padilla's legal advisor Roberto Calderon told The Associated Press. The bullet also grazed Padilla's leg.

Padilla was definitely shot and is definitely recovering. That we can say for sure. But as for the identity of the shooter, we may never know.

In the meantime, we'll patiently wait on whether to make "Plaxico Burress" or "Dick Cheney" references.

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