Vlad Radmanovic Remains Clueless in Charlotte

With the Lakers' recently sending Vladimir Radmanovic out of town for two players that probably won't see the floor this season, it was clear that the move was financially motivated. What is also clear however, is that after two and a half seasons in Los Angeles, Vlad-Rad remains as clueless as ever about what the Lakers were trying to accomplish, and how they go about using their personnel.

In speaking to the media for the first time as a Bobcat, Radmanovic uttered some curious statements about Phil Jackson's system and how he uses role players. And as any fan of the team can tell you, he's completely off base.

"Here I'll do what I do best. Being a Laker was a great experience, but it was also frustrating not knowing when and how I'd play,'' Radmanovic told the Observer.

"Phil's system, great as it is, doesn't give a role player much opportunity. For Kobe Bryant, it's great. For Paul Gasol, it's great. But role players don't do much.''

Um, what?! The Lakers go 10 players deep; their bench as as much of a reason for their success this season as anything else. Plus, Radmanovic had his chance this season as a starter, and blew it. He was inconsistent offensively, had total meltdowns defensively, and often looked completely lost in a system that he should have been comfortable with, considering it was his third season playing in it.

Vlad's issues with Phil Jackson and the Lakers are all on him. Besides, this was a guy that showed up to his last practice as a Laker wearing freaking Vans to the gym. He clearly wasn't all there mentally, and now -- thankfully for the Lakers -- he's not here at all.

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