WATCH: Fox Runs on the Field During USC Trojans Football Game

What does the fox say?

An unlikely animal took to the field during the Pac-12 college football game between the USC Trojans and Arizona State Sun Devils on Saturday night.

A wild fox briefly joined both teams early in the first quarter when he suddenly appeared during at the 20-yard line.

The fox ran on the field and was chased by stadium personnel before eventually jumping a wall and running up the stairs where fans were seated. After hiding under a seat for a while, he ran back down the stairs and onto the field of play again.

The game was delayed as personnel tried to corral the fox and chase him up a ramp.

After the game, a spokesperson for Arizona State gave an update on the field invader.

"A fox family has lived next to the stadium for several years," said the spokesperson. "They hang out in the stadium looking for food. To those of us that work there this was not a surprise."

It may have not been a surprise for stadium personnel, but it certainly was a surprise to players and fans of both teams in attendance. Even those watching live were surprised by the appearance of a fox on the field, with some announcers confusing it for a cat and even a dog.

Arizona State won the game 31-16.

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