Whatever Happened to Smush Parker?

Smush Parker was the starting point guard for the Lakers for two full seasons from 2005-2007. While he was mostly unproductive and deservedly sent out of town, fans will always remember him for his role in one of the most exciting playoff games in recent memory: the Lakers' Game 4 victory over the Phoenix Suns in the 2006 playoffs.

Parker has been out of the NBA this season, but fear not, because he's been keeping himself plenty busy. Smush is currently playing ball for the Rio Grande Valley Vipers of the D-League, and has been lighting it up (relatively speaking) while keeping a positive attitude at the same time.

Here are some highlights from a lengthy interview Smush did with Carey Smith of HoopsTV, where he discusses the change in his basketball life, what it was like to play with Kobe, his vehicle of choice, and his new tattoos.

HTV: Have you found any good places to eat in Mission [Texas]?

SMUSH: Here!? (Laughs) The Macaroni Grill. It's the only place I go on a consistent basis.

HTV: What is it like to play with Kobe?

SMUSH: Ohh boy. That's an alley I won't go down.


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HTV: Do you still drive the "Smushcalade"?

SMUSH: (Laughs) The "Smushcalade" is actually on ice right now. I upgraded to a Benz and I am actually in love with my new Ford F150 Saleen edition. It's a pretty cool ride.

HTV: Hold up. You're driving a pickup truck and you like it?

SMUSH: Definitely. With the engine I have in there I love that pick up truck. Saleen is a sports performance package. They deal in racing engines, they built racing engines for Mustangs and they collaborated on the Ford F150 to upgrade the stock engine to a 450 horse power engine, so it's a very powerful truck.

HTV: Update us on the status of your ink?

SMUSH: I just added a few new tattoos. I have a total of 32 right now. The latest is I got two naked women tattooed on the inside of my forearms.

HTV: Why two naked women?

SMUSH: I just love women - it's self explanatory.

So to recap: Macaroni Grill, Ford F150, and two recent tattoos of naked women. A slight change from the finer restaurants in Los Angeles or riding in the "Smushcalade," sure. But those tattoos are self-explanatory: it's evident that no matter where Smush is playing these days, he's still living large, and enjoying his situation as much as ever.

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