World Cup 2022

Ecuador Fans Chant ‘We Want Beer' At Opening Game of Alcohol-Free World Cup

Host country Qatar recently banned the sale of alcohol at the eight World Cup stadiums

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There was one thing that Ecuador fans wanted as badly as a goal on Sunday: a beer.

Those in attendance at the opening game of the World Cup against host country Qatar made that clear by chanting "Queremos cerveza" -- which means "We want beer."

At the 2022 World Cup, it's easier to score a goal than a cold one. That became a sobering reality on Friday when Qatar banned the sale of beer at World Cup stadiums during the month-long tournament.

The country, which heavily restricts the sale of alcoholic beverages, initially agreed to FIFA’s requirements of selling alcohol in stadiums during the World Cup bidding process, but reversed course two days before the tournament began.

The eight stadiums are still selling non-alcoholic beer, making Bud Zero an early winner at the World Cup. Champagne, wine, whiskey and other alcohol is also being served in the luxury hospitality areas of the arenas. Alcohol is also available at the FIFA Fan Festival, which is held in the evenings.

But that didn't help quench the thirst of Ecuadorian fans seated in the stands during Sunday's game. While they were unable to get a beer, they did get a victory after Enner Valencia scored twice to lift Ecudaor to a 2-0 win over Qatar.

Perhaps fans got to celebrate with a round of drinks somewhere after the game.

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