Yankees Reportedly Target Teixeira, Ramirez

It seems an odd rumor. Yankee decision maker Hark Steinbrenner has steered clear of all things Scott Boras so far this winter, acting like the uber-agent has leprosy. They didn’t talk at the Winter Meetings.

But there it was in the New York Post on Sunday – Steinbrenner wants Mark Teixeira, and if not him Manny Ramirez. That would be the top free agent targets of the two Los Angeles teams.

According to several baseball officials, the Yankees New York Yankees remain in the Mark Teixeira hunt. But the same connected voices insist if the Yankees don't land the switch-hitting first baseman, they will turn their money toward controversial slugger Manny Ramirez.

"If they can't get Teixeira, they are right there on Manny," an official with knowledge of the Yankees' plan said yesterday.

Teixeira would be a good fit in the Yankees lineup, but just how recession-proof are the Bronx Bombers? They have already paid CC Sabathia more than some small country’s gross national product each year, and paid A.J. Burnett as well. Teixeira is another $160 million or so, which is a lot of money, even for the Yankees.

As for Manny, exactly how does he help a team that needs to get younger? This makes more sense, but you can hear Brian Cashman arguing against this in Steinbrenner’s office without much trouble.

Now, if I were going to release a rumor in hopes of driving up the price of free agents some of my competitors are eyeing, the New York Post might be my first call.

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