Your Pick for Best Staples Moment

Was it the JoBros in concert?

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There've been several very big moments at the very big Staples Center, and while we're not sure any one person has been there for all of them, we're going to guess that there are many Angelenos that can knock off, from memory, at least five or six.

Now Staples, which just celebrated its decade birthday in the fall, is holding a vote: Which moment was the greatest? They've helpfully provided 25 events to help making the looking/picking easier.

Oh, should we mention? We should. There are prizes for voting, including a Prius lease (three years).

So, about those moments. The Jonas Brothers World Tour concert is on there, as is Lisa Leslie's memorable 2002 basket play. Kobe Bryant scoring 81 points in 2006, Springsteen, Prince, Britney, so many more, all filling out the roster.

This all wraps on March 31, so eye the rules, Staples regulars, and get picking. And if you've been at all 25 things? You are a true fan.

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