Satisfy Your Midnight Cupcake Cravings With These 24-Hour ATMs

Have you ever found your sweet tooth aching in the wee hours of the morning, when all your favorite bakeries are shuttered for the day? Well, a Beverly Hills-based cupcake chain has you covered if you ever need to make a late-night withdrawal of the… sweet variety.

Sprinkles Cupcakes, regarded as one of the very first cupcake bakeries, first introduced their 24-hour cupcake ATMs in 2012. The chain recently announced the launch of three additional machines throughout the Los Angeles area, bringing the total amount of ATMs to 23 and surpassing the number of Sprinkles bakeries located across the nation.

The machines dispense individually-packaged cupcakes in all the day’s flavors, as well as cupcake mixes, cookies and apparel. They also contain doggie cupcakes, for when your furry friends give you those begging looks when you’re just about to bite into your own treat.

The machines hold 600 cupcakes, and are restocked daily. A complete list of ATM locations can be found here.

When the first ATM was unveiled outside the Sprinkles flagship bakery in Beverly Hills, public interest was so high that the line for the machine was longer than the line for the actual bakery just next door.

The machine, built to handle only a couple hundred transactions throughout the day, was processing over 1,000 cupcake sales within a 24-hour period. The machine eventually malfunctioned, and required attention from an engineer before it could be put back into service.

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