Spice Up Your Fall Makeup Look with Statement Eyes

Bored of your usual makeup look? Beauty influencer Mikaela South is back to show California Live three statement eyes guaranteed to spice up your fall makeup routine.

Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner can be intimidating. But have no fear, there is a solution: a winged stencil. The stencil makes sure you get a perfect wing every time. 

To get the perfect wing, set the stencil on the edge of your lash line, angle the stencil then fill it in. This will give you a sharp, clean wing. It's perfect for anyone who is a little unsure about winged liner. South recommends the stencil from L'Oreal.

Colored Eyeliner 

South said one of her favorite ways to spice up a look is to add colored eyeliner. For fall, think gem stoned colors, like greens or purples. 

To get a show stopping look apply the liner to your lower lash line in the water line. You can also layer a colored mascara on top of it for an eye-popping look.

Magnetic Eyelashes

Looking to get longer lashes without the hassle of putting on fake eyelashes? South recommends magnetic lashes as an easy way to get long luscious lashes with no glue or frustration. 

There are two layers of magnetic lashes that get sandwiched between your real eyelashes. South recommends to put the top layer on first then the bottom layer. These bold lashes are perfect for any bold fall makeup look.  

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