Stolen Car Careens Into Truck, Injuring Both Alleged Thieves

Two men were arrested and booked on grand theft auto charges after a series of alleged hit-and-runs in Palmdale a little after midnight Sunday morning.

The men allegedly crashed into a California Highway Patrol vehicle that tried to block their exit from a parking lot, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies. The patrolmen weren't injured.

Pursued for about a minute by CHP and sheriff's deputies, the driver lost control and collided with the retaining wall of a house before careening into the back of a parked pickup truck, according to Lt. Adam Ellison.

A person sleeping in the truck, on Avenue R8 near Fifth Street, wasn't injured, but both suspects were, according to Ellison, who said they weren't wearing seatbelts.

The men were found unconscious in the stolen car but were revived by paramedics and taken to a local hospital, Ellison said. The two male suspects are recovering and awaiting charges.

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