Orange County

Street Racers Gather in Orange County Mall Parking Lot

A large gathering of street racers flooded an Orange County mall parking lot Tuesday, performing dangerous stunts with dozens of spectators watching nearby.

The "mega meet" took place in the parking lot of the Westminster mall. 

Aerial footage from NewsChopper 4 showed several drivers performing doughnuts and spinouts while a large crowd of onlookers filmed the stunts amid clouds of smoke.

"Those crazy movies with the fast and the furious people," said Bea Smith, a Westminster resident. "That's what it looked like."

The event was advertised on social media as Krispy Kreme Tuesdays "Park and Chill Mega Meet," a gathering of car enthusiasts showing off their cars. 

Mall security was attempting to end the gathering around 10:30 p.m.

Meanwhile, several units from the Westminster Police Department were on scene, but did not initially appear to make contact with drivers or interfere with the activity. No arrests were made.

Police asked the group to leave the premises, and they did, confirmed Cmdr. Cameron Knauerhaze of the Westminster Police Department. 

When asked about drivers doing burnouts near crowds of people, Jeremy Lee, founder of Krispy Kreme Tuesdays, said they are going to "start telling people there are consequences to their stupid actions."

"There is enough video out there where we can start submitting video to police departments, so for people that do cause trouble, they should be prosecuted," Lee said. "We're not promoting people to act a fool. We want people to be completely smart."

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