Los Angeles

Street Vendors Prohibited in North Hollywood

Dozens of street vendors are dismayed after they were surprised by the sudden appearance of signs that prohibited them from selling in a park in North Hollywood.

According to the merchants, the signs appeared in the Whitsett Park this week overnight, citing a municipal code supposedly prohibiting street vending.

The businessmen, besides being confused with the announcements, denounced that the sales, for the majority, are their main sustenance.

"We sell Salvadoran appetizers, pupusas, sopa de pata," said Sonia Lopez, who has a pupusas business.

Leonardo Diaz, a street vendor in North Hollywood, said that at least 400 people arrive at the park daily, and he, like his companions, feels uneasy after seeing the signs.

"They would have sent a written notice," said William Moreno, a street vendor in North Hollywood.

Vendors tried to communicate with local authorities and officials from the recreational parks office, but failed to obtain an answer about what was happening.

The businessmen communicated with the LURN organization that explained the rights of the street vendors.

"The code they put does not have reference to the current code. The law has changed, and there is permission to sell in parks, "said Azucena Favela, of the organization LURN.

According to the businessmen, park department staff removed the signs without giving an explanation days later.

"They did [the street vendors] very well in contacting the authorities, now they can resume their work and be up to 24 hours," said Favela.

NBC4 sister station, Telemundo 52, tried to contact the Parks Department of the City of Los Angeles in different ways, but did not give a version of why the signs were placed, especially after the law change that does not prevent these sales in the Whitsett Park where there is no , according to activists, prohibition to exercise these tasks.

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