Student Recalls Fighting Off Attacker in Parking Lot, Files Lawsuit Against CSU Fullerton

Sanchez fought off her attacker by grabbing the blade with her hands.

A Cal State Fullerton student brutally attacked and left bleeding in an off-campus parking garage is suing the university, saying more should be done to ensure the safety of students.

Twenty-year-old Daniela Sanchez says her attack could have been avoided if the university had secured the lot because the attack took place in broad daylight in a parking lot that has had complaints before. 

"He started shushing me and then he lifted his hand and tried to cover my mouth," she recalls.

Sanchez has scars on both her hands.

The scars serve as painful reminders of a terrifying attack last October in a Cal State Fullerton off campus parking lot.

Sanchez says, "He was right there. And I was very confused. I had no idea he had a knife with him."

Sanchez fought off her attacker by grabbing the blade with her hands.

Twenty-four-year-old Eduardo Munoz was later arrested and convicted for the attack, but Sanchez says no one came to her aid during the attack, not even the school security officers patrolling the parking lot.

Sanchez is suing Cal State Fullerton and the church that owns the parking lot, a lot that has no emergency phones, no security cameras and a history of complaints.

Sanchez's wounds have healed, but she says she needs to make sure something like this doesn't happen to another student.

Cal State Fullerton says it is fully committed to providing a safe environment for its students, faculty and staff, but the university could not comment further due to the ongoing litigation.

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