Surveillance Video Shows Man Sucker Punch Woman Outside Venice Market

The LAPD searched for the man who left the scene before police could arrive.

Police have identified the man who punched a woman outside a Venice market on Sunday evening, but have not made any arrests.

Detectives have not released the man's name.

The moments before, after and during the physical altercation were captured on the market's surveillance system. 

Footage shows the man and woman — who apparently did not know one another — arguing at the store's front counter around 7:30 p.m. Sunday. 

The two can be seen throwing obscene gestures in each other's faces. The man appears infuriated when the woman initiates contact and touches his shoulder. 

The altercation continues outside when the woman is sucker punched outside the store, where she is knocked to the ground. 

Passersby tried to stop the large man, but he was able to fight them off — even throwing one person off his back. 

The man left the scene before police could arrive. 

People who live and play in Venice said they hope to see the man again so that they can contact authorities. 

"Most definitely I would like to have somebody like that off the streets," market customer Sinclair Gray said. "Who's to say what he'll do next?" 

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