Surveillance Video Shows Small Plane Before Fatal Crash in Riverside

Surveillance cameras captured the final take-off for a pilot who was killed after crashing his single-engine plane a short time later in a Riverside neighborhood over the weekend.

The video shows the Beechcraft Bonanza owned by Keith Charles Davis heading toward the runway at Brackett Airport in La Verne on Sunday. The 52-year-old Claremont resident, who went by the nickname KC, is seen doing a few take-offs and landings.

Before the small plane made its final flight, veteran pilot Kenny Garcia said heard a strange sound coming from the engine.

"It didn't sound right, it didn't sound like it was producing enough power," Garcia said. "It sounded like he was underpowered when he took off. Why he took off and continued, we won't know."

About 40 minutes later, Davis requested an emergency landing at Riverside Municipal Airport about 27 miles east, but his plane didn't make it.

In his last transmission before his death, Davis said, "I don't think that I am going to make the landing."

David died in the fiery crash. No one on the ground was injured or killed.

"He knew in his mind that he wasn't going to have to set the plane down somewhere," Garcia said. "He did the best he can avoiding homes, kids, whatever."

Davis was a highly skilled and experienced pilot who was recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration in 2013.

Garcia said he plans on contacting federal investigators to report what he heard.

"I'm just sorry for the family, their loss of their husband, brother, uncle," Garcia said.

Investigators said it could take months before they identify the cause of the crash.

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