Suspected Burglar Arrested, Released Due to COVID-19 ‘Zero-Bail' Order

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A parolee suspected of breaking into a motorcycle dealer in Riverside and stealing eight off-road vehicles was arrested but later released on a citation due to the COVID-19 emergency bail schedule, police said Sunday.

The burglary occurred Tuesday at Klemm Cycle Supply in the 3600 block of Van Buren Boulevard, according to Riverside Police Officer Ryan Railsback.

"The suspect entered the building from the roof and stole eight off- road motorcycles, along with various merchandise, motorcycle parts, tools and equipment," he said.

Investigators tracked down the suspect and the next day conducted a parole search at an apartment in the 9300 block of Magnolia Avenue, Railsback said.

At the apartment, officers allegedly found four of the stolen motorcycles and much of the other merchandise taken from Klemm Cycle Supply.

Also found were two additional off-road vehicles and other property that had been reported stolen from different victims, including another business, according to Railsback.

The additional recovered property was all reported stolen from the general area of Magnolia Avenue and Van Buren Boulevard, he said.

"All the recovered stolen property and off-road motorcycles were returned to their rightful owners," Railsback said.

Christopher Lewis of Riverside, 32, was arrested at the apartment on suspicion of being in possession of known stolen property and committing a felony while out on bail.

Two other people who were detained at the apartment were identified and released.

Lewis was booked into the Robert Presley Detention Center, but released several hours later without bail.

A parole violation hold was requested but denied, Railsback said.

The emergency bail schedule issued by the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court on April 6 in response to the COVID-19 health crisis sets bail for people accused of a misdemeanor or low-level felony at $0 while they await trial.

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