Caught on Camera: Suspected Thieves Use Key to Clean Out Mailboxes in Sherman Oaks

Residents of a Sherman Oaks condominium complex are concerned after two suspected mail thieves were caught on camera using keys to enter a secured building before emptying out multiple mailboxes.

"They went through everyone's mailbox and got away with quite a few things," said Mike Mazzo, a resident of the building.

According to residents, the bold act happened last Sunday around 2:30 a.m.

Surveillance video showed a man and a woman smiling as they walk up the stairs to the secured lobby before the man tries to open the door with what appears to be several keys.

On the fifth try, the woman opens the front door and the two use keys to clean out several mailboxes in about 20 seconds, the video shows.

"What makes us feel, here in the building, a bit more violated is the fact that this is something that could become a repeated offense," Mazzo said.

Mazzo thinks the suspected robbers broke the skeleton key that unlocks the mailboxes inside the callbox, and alerted security after he found the broken end of the jammed key inside the console.

Some of the condo owners said they have contacted Los Angeles police. Mazzo said he would like to see lawmakers and the post office find a way to keep mailboxes safe.

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