Suspicious Death in Anaheim

Employee of a Molding Company Found Dead

Anaheim Police are investigating whether a burned body found inside a commercial building is the result of foul play or suicide.

Firefighters arrived to 1081 N. Shepard Street in Anaheim at 8pm Monday night.  It took an hour to get the fire under control.  Once it was out, they discovered a vehicle positioned backwards inside the garage.  In the vehicle, a man believed to have been an employee of the business, Baron Quality Molds.

"The car comes back to that person," said Anaheim PD Sgt. Rick Martinez, "but we'll have to leave it up to the coroner to identify the individual inside."

Detectives say the victim was in the drivers' seat.  An employee of the business said a note was left behind but police said they could not confirm it was written by the victim.  For investigators, the highest type of investigation is to do so as a homicide, according to Sgt. Martinez, until that option is ruled out.

"It's possible it could be a murder," he said, "it could be a variety of things, it could be an accident or it could be self-inflicted.  However, until that body is examined, we need to know if the injuries happened prior to the fire breaking out."

Employees who worked for the company say their concern is with so much damage, the result of the fire may mean more victims: them, as they wonder if their business will stay in business.

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