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Find Your New Favorite Webcam

The eagles may have hatched, but the web has plenty of other livecams just waiting for you.



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    Perhaps you can fill your eagle void with some puppies.

    All week, users have been flocking to Santa Catalina Island's EagleCam.

    On Thursday, the third and final chick hatched, bringing joy to thousands of users, followed by an immediate sense of emptiness.

    Now what are we supposed to watch?

    We haven't felt this empty since "Lost" went off the air. So before you can say, "We have to go back," take a deep breath and check out some of the web's most enjoyable webcams.

    • Here Comes the Webcam
      • John, Paul, George and Ringo turned a street outside their Abbey Road studio into arguably the world's most famous crosswalk. In addition to watching traffic (not that exciting), every now and then, four Beatlemaniacs will dodge cars (much more exciting) in an attempt to snap that iconic images.
    • No. 1 in Cuteness Since 2008
      • More than 26 million users have tuned in see some dogs in San Francisco. Sounds like your average webcam. Not so fast. This one has redefined cuteness. The project started in 2008 with six Shiba Inus puppies. In early 2010, another batch of cuteness was born and the frenzy began again. Nowadays, the ustream account still runs daily.
    • Winning, Warlocks, Tiger Something, Other Exhausted Sheenisms
      • Long before audiences were booing Charlie Sheen at live shows, the actor-turned-madman ranted live on the Internet. His Ustream channel, "Sheen's Korner," was the go-to spot for Sheen and his Sheenisms. It's been a while since we've seen a new episode, but we have a hunch he'll be back online.
    • Watch the Panda Express
      • Zoo Atlanta livestreams its pandas weekdays, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Even when these bundles of cuteness are just lounging around in their hammock, it's still a time suck. Say goodbye to your workday.
    • Moons Over My Webby (or That's No Moon. It's a Webcam)
      • Anxious about the moon during those daylight hours? Don't worry. With this webcam, no matter the time of day, you can verify the moon is still intact. Whew.
    • Away We Go
      • Put down that credit card. Browse away from Travelocity. There's no need to book a trip to Niagara Falls. Sit back, log on and enjoy the view.
    • What Happens in Vegas, Stays Live on the Internet
      • No more fighting traffic. No more having to fly through McCarran. No more losing your rent money at the Imperial Palace.
    • The Force Is Strong With this One
    • Living on the Ledge
      • Still need a bird fix? Red-tailed hawks Violet and Bobby tend three eggs from the 12th floor of Bobst Library at New York University. Make way for hatchlings.

    What did we miss? Share your fave webcams in the comments below.