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Boost Your iPhone 4s Battery

Alternative options to increase battery life surface while Apple tries to correct problem



    Boost Your iPhone 4s Battery
    Oct. 14, 2011: Elliott Johns, of Boston, displays an iPhone 4S in front of an Apple Store.

    The worst thing besides anxiously awaiting the release of Apple's newest technologies is finally getting one that doesn't keep you connected.

    The iPhone 4s spurred drama across the tech world with complaints about the battery life lasting less than the average workday.

    Apple is looking to correct the problem, but with no quick fix, techies at have found five battery cases that keep you and your iPhone 4s connected longer.  

    First is the Phone Suit Elite, which is best associated with its ability to charge your phone from start to finish in less than two hours. The super slick case also boosts your battery life up to 15 hours in additional talk time costing you a total of $79.95.   

    The EXOGEAR Exolife is next on the list that keeps your battery charged only when necessary and improves your talk time by seven hours, totaling $79.95.  

    The Mophie Juice Pack Plus comes in third with its vibrant range of color cases that charge your iPhone via USB and boost talk time by eight hours. It's priced at $99.95.

    Fourth, there's the Kensington PowerGuard, which only provides four additional hours of talk time, however, the case offers a built-in flip-out stand and all-over protection priced at $59.99.

    Lastly, the Logic3 PowerSleeve is a budget-friendly option of upping your battery life by seven hours of talk time and 40 hours of audio playback. It only comes in black, but if you are looking to tighten your wallet, this is for you for only $49.99.

    Other quick tips to keeping the juice in your iPhone 4s, turn off location services, shut off Wi-Fi capability and avoid putting your iPhone on vibrate.