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Gumshoe Tweeters Unravel Latest Google Mystery



    Gumshoe Tweeters Unravel Latest Google Mystery
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    What's behind the Google crop circle mystery?

    Okay, Google, interest piqued. We're fans of the famous "one day only" Google logos -- Happy Mother's Day! Happy Arbor Day! Happy Buttered Corn No Salt Extra Pepper Day! -- and we're always happy to click over and see those primary-hued letters change to something topical and headline-y.

    But the logo on September 15th got stuck in our craw. It's Google spelled out in crop circles, and while we have to admit we're not *totally* up-to-date on our crop circle history, we thought there might be more to it than just a fun look-briefly-and-click-away logo.

    And there is. Not long after the logo went up on the main page Google tweeted a set of coordinates (51.327629, -0.5616088, for those coordinate buffs at home). No matter that the coordinates were posted in the wee smalls; tweeters immediately rolled up their sleeves (if people on Twitter overnight are indeed wearing things with sleeves; we suspect negligees and tanks) and went to work.

    Results: Gumshoe tweeters, 1. Crop-circled Google Logo, um. Well. Not zero, surely. Everyone wins here, right?

    If you're not keen on rooting out the mystery on your own, click here. Without getting too spoiler-ish, we'll say this was a stickler that was solved swiftly, with an interesting resolution to boot. There could even be further mystery to come.

    To sum up: We'll say that it was well solved, or should we say Wells.