Los Angeles

Everyone Was in Bed When a House Fire Started, So Chuy the Fearless Terrier Took Charge

No injuries were reported in the single-story house fire in Hacienda Heights

Chuy doesn't bark much, so family members suspected something might be wrong Thursday when the little 7-year-old terrier started woofing in the middle of the night. 

Ruben Hernandez was already in bed when he heard the persistent barking. 

"He was just barking his head off, and that's when my mom got up," said Ruben Hernandez.

Soon after, they smelled smoke and realized what Chuy was trying to tell them -- their Hacienda Heights home was on fire. Family members hailed the dog, who has been with them since he was a puppy, as a hero after everyone got out of the house safely by jumping out a window.  

No injuries were reported in the early morning fire near Farmstead Avenue and Three Palms Street in the community about 25 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. Firefighters extinguished flames in about 20 minutes.

"He deserves a good night's rest," Hernandez said.

Several rooms were damaged. Details about he cause of the fire were not immediately available.

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