Earbuds, Texting While Crossing the Street Could Cost You $100 in Montclair

It's a new month, which means a new law is taking action in Pomona Valley.

As of Wednesday, the city of Montclair has made it illegal to cross the street with earbuds or while using a phone.

The bill, that was initially passed in December, aims to cut down on "distracted pedestrians." Those demonstrating distracted crossing will now be fined $100. 

Though the bill was put into effect to ensure pedestrians safety, some residents call it a "crazy" law.

"What are we gonna do about out-of-towners that aren't aware of the law?" Benjamin Lopez, long-time Montclair resident, asked. 

Lopez added, "It infringes on people's individual responsibilities and their personal choices."

Lopez says he's even running for city council to ensure that laws like these don't stay on the books. 

A Montclair truck driver, on the other hand, is in favor of the new law. 

While driving his semitruck, Tony Barnes says he worries about pedestrians on their phones because they may not see him.

Barnes says the law is "absolutely necessary," and says that ultimately, pedestrians needs to focus on crossing the street safely. 

The city of Montclair and Montclair Police Department were unable to comment at the time of publication. 

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