Girl Made Up Ski Masked-Robber Attack: Police

The 14-year-old told investigators glasses and her bag were stolen in Pasadena as she headed home from school, but later admitted the story wasn't true.

A Pasadena girl admitted Thursday afternoon that she made up a story of thieves in ski masks taking her glasses from her face and ripping her backpack from her shoulders as she walked home from school.

The 14-year-old had previously told investigators was jumped on Allen Avenue near Marshall Fundamental High School at around 4:35 p.m. Tuesday, where she said three masked attackers took her backpack, which contained money and her iPhone 5 as well as some books.

But police said Thursday she made up the story to cover the fact that she had skipped school with a friend misplaced her backpack.

When her mother asked about the missing backpack, the girl told the story of the masked attackers.

Detectives will follow up with the girl and her family to determine what next steps to take, which may include getting counseling for the teen.

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