Thieves Ransack Home of Cancer Patient Away at Doctor's Appointment

Maghie Simon has stage 4 cervical cancer.

Maghie Simon teared up when she described how she feels after her new rental home in Moreno Valley was broken into while she was visiting her doctor.

"It broke my heart," she said. "I don't know if I'm safe to be here."

Simon is battling stage 4 cervical cancer, which has spread to her liver and tailbone.

On Aug. 5, thieves ransacked her garage, taking her most valuable possessions before she had time to unpack. Simon's sister discovered the burglary last week while Simon was at a doctor's appointment.

"My daughter's newborn baby earrings are gone and I saved them for her," she said. "I have their baptism papers, their crosses when they got baptized."

Simon has been homeless for three years, staying with family. She was excited to finally have her own place. The burglary happened the day after Simon had moved into her new home.

Jay Grenier, the victim's son, was incredulous about the theft.

"My mom is the last person in the world that deserves to be stolen from," he said. "It's just horrible."

Standing among what was left of her belongings in the garage, Simon took off her wig as her sister Hoppie Antoine supported her.

"When you have cervical cancer you have a 2 percent chance and it's sad to see from someone. I know they didn't know I had cancer but still people should not do stuff like this. I don't think it's fair what has happened to me."

Antoine stood next to her sister, comforting her.

"I sleep with you," Antoine said. "We won't leave you alone."

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