Thieves Caught on Camera Trying to Rip Smart Phones From Display Cases – Twice

Thieves robbed two T-mobiles stores within minutes by pulling cell phones from displays

In an attempt to steal smart phones from a Whittier T-Mobile, a group of thieves used some not-so-smart tactics when attempting to steal them. 

In a brazen robbery June 7 in Whittier and Santa Fe Springs, surveillance footage captured a group of thieves walking into two T-Mobile stores and trying to rip devices straight from the display.  

The footage shows the thieves walking into the Whittier store on Beverly Boulevard, and within 30 seconds, after some successful -- and not so successfully -- they managed to get away $3,500 worth of phones and tablets straight from the display case. 

The store employees gathered in the back right corner of the store and watched the mayhem unfold. 

But they weren't done. 

When they took off in a dark-colored vehicle, they arrived minutes later at another T-Mobile in Santa Fe Springs located on Washington Boulevard. Once again they stole four cellphones valued over $3,500.

One man was arrested for the incident and at the time was in possession of several of the stolen cellphones taken from the Santa Fe Springs and Whittier T-Mobile stores.

The Whittier Police Department is seeking assistance in identifying the remaining thieves in the video. Please forward any information to Detective Leffler at (562) 409-1857. 

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