Rite Aid

Three Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Dozens of Cans of Baby Formula

A Rite Aid employee who saw the act stopped the pair and called the police.

Three alleged thieves were facing burglary charges Wednesday after dozens of cans of baby formula were stolen from a Southern California drugstore.

Darrin White and Samuel Frank, dressed in women's clothing and wigs, allegedly walked into a Rite Aid on N. Glendale Avenue on July 12, each took two cans of Enfamil baby formula, put them in their purses and tried to walk out the exit, Glendale Police Spokeswoman Tahnee Lightfoot said.

Police said they were unsure whether the clothing was a disguise or their regular attire.

A Rite Aid employee who saw the act stopped the pair and called the police.

Officers discovered Frank’s car in the parking lot and found 24 cans of baby formula inside, including 10 cans from a Vons grocery store. They also found the Rite Aid employee’s backpack under the car.

Surveillance video showed the Vons theft happened on the same day, police said.

Officers also found Edward Nino outside the store, and surveillance footage showed he had walked into the store with White and Frank, police said.

In Nino's pockets, police found a check and pay stub belonging to the Rite Aid employee that had been taken from his stolen backpack, officials said.

Nino already had a DUI warrant out for his arrest, police said.

All three suspects were charged Tuesday in connection with two counts of burglary, and Nino was also charged in connection with identity theft for having the stolen check.

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