Three Arrested in Shooting Death of Montclair Man

Victim's girlfriend, a friend and her son are accused of murdering man found near his home after neighbors reported hearing gunshots

Three people have been arrested for the murder of a man found shot to death near his home in Montclair, police said Wednesday.

A man identified by the coroner's office as twenty-three-year-old Joe L. Cisneros-Carrillo was found near bushes on the side of the street in the 9600 block of Exeter Avenue after neighbors reported hearing gunshots early Tuesday morning.

He had been struck several times in the chest and was declared dead at the scene.

Witnesses reported seeing a red or burgundy car, possibly a Chevrolet Camaro, fleeing the scene. Detectives later discovered Cisneros-Carillo’s girlfriend owned a vehicle matching that description.

Karen Taylor, of Ontario, was tracked down to a nearby motel, where she was staying with a male friend and her 17-year-old son.

All three said they were at the scene of the shooting but denied shooting Cisneros-Carillo, police said. They agreed to visit the police station and provide statements.

Investigators said those statements conflicted, and all three later admitted to driving to Cisneros-Carillo’s home with a plan to assault him. During the attack, Taylor’s friend, identified as Larry Oswalt of Desert Hot Springs, allegedly shot the victim several times.

All three fled, changed clothing and hid the gun allegedly used during the shooting before going to the motel.

The gun was recovered.

Taylor, Oswalt and her juvenile son have each been booked on suspicion of homicide.

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