Three Sought in Fiery Liquor Store Robbery

Police in Burbank are looking for three gunmen who robbed a liquor store then set the store on fire.

It began Thursday night at a strip mall on San Fernando Boulevard near Scott Road.

Investigators say it does not appear there was any kind of explosive device.

The explosions were apparently from exploding items in the store.

Burbank police say the suspects targeted the minimart with the intent to steal and after they believe the suspects started the fire that shocked nearby neighbors.

Witnesses reported seeing or hearing explosions coming from the store.

Sal Rivera not only saw the fire, but heard it just after 8 Thursday night.

"Nerve racking," he said. "You don't know what's in there, if there's gas, something's going to explode or what not. A little bit terrifying. The popping went on for a probably good two minutes."

Police say the noise was liquor exploding.

It frightened nearby business owners who rushed over when they heard the news, worried their business might burn down, too.

The damage was contained to the market downstairs. Surveillance cameras were rolling and police hope to get a better look at the three who did it.

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