Timeline: The Border Crisis

A look at the key events in the 2014 Border Crisis

June 4, 2014: SoCal Navy Base to House Child Immigrants
Ventura County Naval Base reports that it will soon be home to 580 children and teens who were unaccompanied by parents when they were caught illegally crossing the border. Full Story

June 5, 2014: Spike in Child Detainees a "Crisis"
An influx of children and teenagers entering the U.S. illegally has overwhelmed federal officials and the network of U.S. shelters for young migrants so much so it’s now considered "a humanitarian crisis." Full Story 

Around 52,000 child immigrants from mostly Central America were reported to be housed in federal detention facilities.

June 11, 2014: Immigrant Children Raped, Punched in Custody
A coalition of advocacy groups is demanding immediate action to end what they say is mistreatment of unaccompanied minor immigrants at the hands of U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents. Full Story

June 13, 2014: Border Agents Warned About Disguised Journalist
The surge in immigrant children caught crossing the southern border in Texas that has dominated headlines and risks becoming a political crisis for President Barack Obama and Congress includes a new threat facing Border Patrol agents: reporters. Full Story

June 24, 2014: Flood of Immigrant Children Need Lawyers, Advocates Say
Democratic Congresswoman Judy Chu, who represents the 32nd District that includes Claremont and Pasadena, said Sunday “This has to stop and the young people have to have somewhere to go.” Full Story

June 25, 2014: Immigrant Children Flee Violence
As some immigrant children who fled their home country for a better life in the US are connecting with relatives, they're also sharing their stories of their journey and their arrival. Full Story

June 29, 2014: Migrants to Be Processed and Released in SoCal
Hundreds of Central American migrants are on their way to Southern California from Texas, and some will be processed and released in Riverside County, Border Patrol officials said Saturday. Full Story

June 29, 2014: Migrants Scheduled to Arrive in SoCal Tuesday
Hundreds of Central American migrants will be flown from Texas to California for U.S. Border Patrol processing, beginning on Tuesday, officials confirmed. Full Story

June 30, 2014: Obama to Ask for Billions for Border Crisis
President Obama will ask Congress for $2 billion this week to deal with a surge of people, including unaccompanied minors, at the U.S. border. Full Story

June 30, 2014: Asylum-Seekers Denounce Detention Facilities
Two asylum seekers who say they were beaten in Mexico for being gay decried the detention facilities where they were kept for more than three months. Full Story

June 30, 2014: Murrieta Ready for Arrival of Undocumented Immigrants
The mayor of a Southern California community that will be the site of a processing center for undocumented immigrants discussed the process Monday and said the city is prepared to handle what he described as the result of a "failed system." Full Story

July 1, 2014: Protesters Block Bus Carrying Immigrants
Buses carrying migrant families arrived to the U.S.-Mexican border station of San Ysidro after being blocked by protesters in Murrieta. Full Story

July 1, 2014: Brother of Singer Jenni Rivera Demonstrates in Murrieta
The brother of the late banda star Jenni Rivera has taken on a high-profile role in a Riverside County community by squaring off against protesters who want to prevent undocumented immigrants from entering the city's border patrol station. Full story

July 2, 2014: Undocumented Immigrants Turned Away From Murrieta Leave San Ysidro
Buses carrying migrant families that were turned around by protesters Tuesday in a Riverside County community were back on the road Wednesday morning after an overnight stay the U.S.-Mexican border station in San Ysidro. Full Story

July 2, 2014: Murrieta Holds Town Hall Meeting to Discuss Immigration Crisis
Hundreds flooded a town hall meeting Wednesday night to voice their opinion on the buses of migrant families being shuttled into a Southern California city as its mayor said the town feels "dumped on" by the federal government. Full Story

July 3, 2014: Activists Ask Obama to Not Deport Migrant Youth
While Border Patrol officials are prepared to bring another group of immigrants to Murrieta July 4, growing calls from immigrant advocates say the federal government should grant amnesty for migrant children seeking refuge in the United States. Full Story

July 3, 2014: Authorities Brace for More Protests of Undocumented Immigrants
Border patrol agents set up cones and a stop sign along a road in Murrieta, about 80 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles. Full Story

July 4, 2014: More Undocumented Immigrants Arrive In San Diego
A chartered airplane carrying another round of undocumented immigrant women and children landed in San Diego on the 4th of July. Full Story

July 5, 2014: Some Undocumented Children Will Face Judge Without legal Help
With or without protesters turning away buses, Murrieta is only a way station on a journey through US immigration enforcement for the undocumented individuals on board, many of them Central American children seeking asylum. Full Story

July 8, 2014: Protests Continue as More Migrants Transferred
An additional transfer of about 100 undocumented migrants from border detention facilities to California brought another round of protests Monday, as well as concern from local officials over the cost to local cities. Full Story

July, 7 2014: Activists Rally Against President's "Fast Track" Plan for Deportation
Activist and community leaders rallied in downtown Los Angeles on Monday to denounce President Barack Obama’s request to Congress last week to increase border security and expedite immigration processing. Full Story

July 8, 2014: President Requests $3.7B in Emergency Funds for Border Crisis
President Barack Obama requested $3.7 billion in emergency funds to handle the influx of unaccompanied minors along the U.S.-Mexico border that has led to the release of undocumented immigrants in California, NBC News reported Tuesday. Full Story

July 10, 2014: Guatemalan Foreign Minister: Country "Needs" Its People
In response to the mass immigration of children and families from Central America and Mexico to the United States, the Guatemalan government is launching a campaign to discourage more people from leaving. Full Story 

July 11, 2014: Guatemala: Some Deportee Relatives Say They Wish They Never Left
For the families waiting at a Guatamala City airport for the return of their deported relatives, not every reunion is a happy one. Full Story

July 12, 2014: New Citizens Sympathize with Immigrants Crossing Border
As he raised his right hand to be sworn in as an American citizen, Will Garcia remembered that he was once one of the children fleeing across the border. Full Story 

July 12, 2014: SoCal City to Open Temporary Shelter for Central American Children
The city of Bell is planning to open a temporary shelter for some of the Central American children who have arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border in recent months. Full Story 

July 14, 2014: State Attorney General Fears Border Crossers Connected to Human Trafficking
California Attorney General Kamala Harris said she worries that many of the migrants fleeing their home countries in Central America for the United States are coming here as victims of human trafficking. Full Story 

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