Timeline: Events in Phil Spector Case

Prosecutors and defense attorneys say actress Lana Clarkson met music producer Phil Spector while she was working as a server at a Sunset Boulevard nightclub. The following is a timeline of events from the night of Feb. 2, 2003. The information is from deposition transcripts and deposition accounts.

7 p.m. -- Spector leaves his Alhambra mansion to meet a date at The Grill On The Alley in Beverly Hills. Spector and his driver take the date back to her residence.

10 p.m. -- Spector returns to The Grill On The Alley to pick up a second date, who was a server at the restaurant. Spector and the second date go to Trader Vic's in Beverly Hills.

After 10 p.m. -- They arrive at Dan Tana's in West Hollywood.

After Midnight -- Spector and the second date go to the House of Blues on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. Spector meets Clarkson at the door of the VIP room. Spector's driver takes the second date back to her residence, leaving Spector with Clarkson.

3 a.m. -- Spector and Clarkson arrive at his mansion.

5 a.m. -- Clarkson is dead.

Feb. 3, 2003: The body of actress Lana Clarkson is discovered at Spector's faux castle outside Los Angeles. Spector is arrested. Prosecutors said Spector shot Clarkson in a foyer of the residence. Investigators said the body was found in a pool of blood outside the entrance to the Alhambra mansion.

February 2003: Authorities remove Spector's Mercedes-Benz from his property. Detectives searched the car. Spector said Clarkson asked him for a ride home from the House of Blues after her shift.

March 2003: Detectives discount Spector's claim that the case was a suicide.

June 2003: Spector tells Esquire magazine that Clarkson was not murdered. He told the magazine that she "kissed the gun" before shooting herself.

November 2003: Spector leaves the courthouse in a stretch Hummer limousine.

September 2004: Alhambra police Officer Beatrice Rodriguez also testifies before the grand jury that she heard Spector say, "I didn't mean to shoot her. It was an accident."

September 2004: Spector's limousine driver, Adriano De Souza, tells a grand jury in that he heard something, then saw Spector emerge from his home with a revolver in his hand and say, "I think I killed somebody."

Sept. 27, 2004: Spector is charged with the shooting death of Clarkson.

April 25, 2007: Opening arguments begin in the murder trial.

May 21, 2007: The defense seeks to show that Spector's Brazilian immigrant chauffeur's English was so poor -- and the man so frightened upon learning someone had just been shot to death at Spector's home -- that he wrongly implicated the music producer.

Sept. 10, 2007: The jury gets the case.

Sept. 18, 2007: Jurors announce they are deadlocked 7-5. Some jurors said they were confused by a specific jury instruction crafted by one of Spector's defense attorneys.

Sept. 26, 2007: The judge declares a mistrial after jurors say they are deadlocked, 10-2.  

Nov. 3, 2008: Opening statements begin the retrial of the case.

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