Tips on How to Raise an Optimistic Child

Raising a child today can be tricky but raising a child to be optimistic can be even trickier. Psychologist and founder of 'Things are Looking Up', Dr. Deepika Chopra, has some tips on how to raise an optimistic child and how to make your home a more positive place. 

Model Optimism 

Practice what you preach and try to say optimistic things around your child. Be the model of optimism you want your child to be. Avoid saying pessimistic statements like "this is never going to work out' or "thing are always going to be bad." 

Go on a Happiness Hunt

A happiness hunt is when you look around the world around you and point out everything that makes you happy. So go on a happiness hunt with your kids so they can see all the good around them. Chopra said her family even participates in them.

"In my family, when we are just running an errand or walking to the grocery store we point out everything that makes us happy," said Chopra. "It's sort of like I-Spy but for the purpose of telling what makes you happy and what brings you joy."

Soak Up the Sun 

Go outside and spend more time in nature to soak up the sun. According to Chopra, research shows that two hours a week in nature can boost your positive mood and lower your stress hormones. 

Do Something Kind for the Community

Participate in the community by volunteering or giving back in some way. After volunteering talk to your child about how it made they feel and all the positives they have achieved by helping out. 

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