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Tips on How to Rock High Heels and Not Wreck Your Feet

The secret to wearing heels and not suffering through pain? Nurse Barb Dehn showed Malou Nubla and California Live how to heal your heels after a long day of wearing them. 

Get insoles

Getting a thin insole for your high heels can make a huge difference in the amount of support you are getting. Insoles provide support to weaker areas of your foot so your weight can be properly distributed. Just make sure that the insoles aren't too big or too small so it can properly provide support to weak areas like the arch of your foot.

"When you are wearing high heels, all of the pressure and all of the weight is on the ball of your foot," said Dehn. "So when you are getting an insole, you want to have something that goes for your arches, because arches just aren't for eyebrows." 

Break in and stretch out the shoes 

Before putting your heels on for a big night out, stretch them out and break them in. You can do that by walking around your house or bending the shoe. Before you leave, make sure the shoes have a little bit of bend in them so they aren't rigid against your foot when you're walking. Dehn said it is important to break in your shoes before you wear them or you will be in pain the whole time. 

"When you are making a decision about your foot, you are saying to yourself how much pain do I want to endure," said Dehn. "It's really hard to concentrate on what you are doing, so its important to take care of your feet." 

Take care of your feet after

After a long day of wearing heels, make sure to take care of your feet after. Roll your foot out by using a small tennis ball to release all the built up tension in your foot. Another way to take care of your feet is to lay down and elevate your feet to reduce swelling. Dehn said using hot or cold methods is another way massage the tension out of your feet. 

"You can freeze a water bottle and roll your feet on it afterwards," Dehn said. "Or you can do a hot stone massage." 

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