Tivoli, the Lone Fearless Peacock, Roams the Westside

The lone peacock seems to be in search of food and companionship, but aren't we all?

Carol Reynes

Just when quarantine couldn't get any stranger, neighbors in East Venice found a peacock roaming the streets.

The peacock, named Tivoli, has mainly been spotted roaming around the Westside the last month. He was first spotted on at the end of April when a concerned neighbor posted a picture of Tivoli on the Nextdoor app.

Neighbors adopted Tivoli as one of their own and named him after the street he was first found on, Tivoli Avenue in Venice. Neighbors that had never talked to each other quickly bonded over the bird.

Sharyl Beebe is one of the neighbors in East Venice who keeps an eye out for Tivoli.

"This story has also brought together those of us in a large neighborhood some of whom have never ever met in person before, and now have daily chats together about life and Tivoli," said Beebe. "A peacock brought us together. All over this beautiful creature."

Tivoli doesn't just stick to one neighborhood, he has been spotted in Marina Del Rey, Culver City, Venice and Del Rey.

"Our little guy can definitely cruise around at a rapid pace," said Beebe. "He walks a few miles a day."

Neighbors said they have started to escort Tivoli across the street to make sure no passing cars hit him. While he hasn't been spotted on any freeways he seems to get around just fine.

"That kid struts his stuff. He is all over all day every day," said Beebe. At night he does take cover though."

People have gotten close enough to snap pictures of Tivoli in action. But Beebe warns that it is mating season for peacocks so males can be extra aggressive this time of the year.

Peacocks are omnivores but neighbors said Tivoli tends to show a preference for Cheerios, berries and dry cat food.

But after a few weeks of enjoying their newest neighbor, residents in the Venice area are starting to get concerned for Tivoli and hope to find him a home.

"We all worry that he could be hit by a car, particularly with everyone speeding right now and when traffic gets heavier," said Beebe.

Neighbors want to find to find a home that has a lot of space for Tivoli. But no matter what, Beebe said she will always be thankful what Tivoli brought to the neighborhood.

"Amidst all of this stress, financial hardship and crisis, this peacock has brought people together," said Beebe. "We're doing something good for the world and for this animal."

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