Todd Bridges Takes Punch for Neighbor, Explains Incident

Actor Todd Bridges was knocked down violently while attempting to mediate a neighbor dispute several months ago, the former child actor told NBC4 when discussing a viral video that recently went public.

"For a while, I was actually speaking with a crooked mouth," Bridges said. The actor said he was feeling much better now, considering the incident caught on video occurred seven months earlier.

Bridges did not throw any punches or appear to be expecting the punch that sent the "Diff'rent Strokes" actor tumbling to the ground. The 53-year-old got up looking dazed after the punch. 

Bridges said he had never before been "sucker-punched."

Bridges explained that his friend, who was a paraplegic, asked for help in moving a woman out of a home. But Bridges was unaware that an unkown man was hiding in the apartment, waiting to throw the blind punch that sent the actor tumbling.


"It stunned me because I didn't realize I was hit until I was on the ground," Bridges said.

The actor said that when he started looking up, the assailant was nowhere to be seen. Bridges said he never pressed charges because he cannot even provide a description.

"Supposedly, somebody decided to sell it, I guess," Bridges said when asked why the video had come to light seven months after the incident.

He added, "It doesn't make me angry, but what I don't like about it is the fact that my children have to see this, and that's not good...I always pride myself on trying to do the right thing. I don't believe in fighting. I believe in talking and communicating."

Bridges shared that his son had asked about the swollen face resulting from the strike and that the actor had lied to his son. With the video going public, Bridges said his children were very aware of the video and his son was concerned after seeing the footage.

Bridges, who admitted he would think twice before attempting to help anyone in the future, concluded, "I'm 53. I don't want to fight anybody. I just want to talk."

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