Toddler's Adorable Reaction When He Forgets to Say ‘I Love You' to Dad

"I love my daaaad!"

What to Know

  • A San Clemente family's morning goodbye is getting thousands of views.
  • Adorable toddler Declan wanted his dad to know he loves him.
  • The relatable exchange was all caught on camera.

A toddler saying goodbye to his dad suddenly realized he forgot to say "I love you," and it gets adorable as heck.

A San Clemente family's video of their morning routine as dad Jeff Greenman says goodbye and heads off to work has millions of views on Facebook and thousands on YouTube -- probably because it's so relatable.

Two-year-old Declan and daddy Jeff are getting ready to start their day. Greenman works as a plaintiff's attorney, and tells Declan he has to go to work to help people.

Even so, Declan still gets upset that daddy has to go to work.

The video begins with Declan and dad calling each other fart machines.

"Go to work and be a good fart machine at work," Declan says in the video.

Greenman responds, "That's what I do all day."

"The fart machine is a nickname we have for each other. It's a boy thing," Greenman said.

As Greenman heads out the door though, Declan has a sudden realization: he didn't say "I love you."

Declan races to the door screaming, "I love my dad!"

Thankfully, Declan catches dad before he's gone.

After a hug and a kiss, and some tears, Greenman is off to work.

Even though Declan got his chance to say "I love you" before his dad takes off, he still has some regrets.

"I want my dad to come back," Declan says in the video.

"Sometimes I wish I could go back and peek through a window to see what they do all day," he said.

Don't worry - Declan made a full recovery from his tears, even if you didn't.

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